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Machining of aluminium and plastic. Kyocera Japan.

TNGG160404R-A3 KW10 (0.4mm CORNER RADIUS)

Suits all brands of  turning tools. (ISO)

High rake sharp ground  breaker for aluminium plastics and non ferrous.

This is a right insert. R for right hand turning or left hand boring.

Choose TNGG160408L-A3 KW10 for left hand turning or right hand boring

Suits turning tools including those below.

Right Hand Neutral
MTJNR1216K-16 Right hand ETENN2020K16 (Neutral)
ETJNR1616K-16 Right hand ETENN2525M16 (Neutral)
ETJNR2020K16 Right hand  
ETJNR2525M16 Right hand  
ETFNR2525M16 Right hand  







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