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Fine to medium machining of stainless and steel.    Kyocera Japan

TNMG160408 HQ CA6525 (0.8mm CORNER RADIUS)

Suits all brands of  turning tools. (ISO)

Excellent chip control at low feed and depth of cut.

Low cutting force, suitable for light machines.

Cutting parameters 

Depth of cut 0.5~2.0mm

Feed 0.10~0.25 mm/rev

Grade information

CA6525 General machining of stainless steel and Steel. A good general purpose grade

Suits turning tools including those below.

Right Hand Left Hand Neutral
MTJNR1216K-16 Right hand MTJNL1216K-16 Left hand ETENN2020K16 (Neutral)
ETJNR1616K-16 Right hand ETJNL1616K-16 Left hand ETENN2525M16 (Neutral)
ETJNR2020K16 Right hand ETJNL2020K16 Left hand  
ETJNR2525M16 Right hand ETJNL2525M16 Left hand  

Suits boring bars including those below.

S25T-ETUNR16 (25mm x 300mm)
S32U-ETUNR16 (32mm x 350mm)
S40W-ETUNR16 (40mm x 450mm)
S50Y-ETUNR16 (50mm x 500mm)
S60V-ETUNR16 (60mm x 400mm)

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